The TreeHouse

There is one thing it appears we will never have a shortage of at City Church of Compton and that is the children!  God has blessed us with children and it makes my heart happy!  As God brings people of peace from our neighborhood into our lives very often it starts with the children.  In this season, I am understanding Jesus welcoming the children!  They probably were the first to come to him wherever he went!  I also can see why the disciples were tired of the children and want to get back to adult stuff by shooing them away.  But Jesus really loves the children and we are trying to learn and capture His love for the children in our minds and hearts!

Over two years ago when God gave us a vision to build a building on our front lawn for the children, I have to tell you I wasn’t exactly sure how we would make something like this happen.  We started praying, we spoke to our parents and other wise counsel about the idea and then we just gave it to the Lord and trusted he would make it clear when and if we were suppose to start.  A couple weeks later, we had a visitor come to our church and attend City Church.  She was a believer but not at all familiar with City Church.  She asked if she could have a few minutes of our time and really wanted to share with us a vision she had while worshiping with us.  She shared with us that she felt our children would soon out number us 3 to 1 and that she saw a building up front for the children.  The Lord had our attention captured and we began to pray again about when would be the right time to start.  We asked for help–laborers, carpenters, builders–and the Lord lined up a group of builders we knew and had worked with from Wisconsin.  They were ready to come and build!  We knew it was time and we started in  February of 2013.

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